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    News — PCA UCR



    Recently AWC had the opportunity to attend the PCA (Porsche Club of America) Upper Canada Region "Spring Fling" event hosted by 427 Auto Collision 

    A day long event that celebrates the end of our horrid winter and reminds us about cool cars and the passion we have for an automotive lifestyle.

    Our little "booth" to kick start some conversations with P-Car owners

    AWC Booth at PCA Event

    At the event we had dozens of great conversations with not only Porsche lovers, but car lovers in general and many got excited about what it is that AWC can do. Our Fuchs-inspired modular wheels were obviously a hot topic with this crowd and there were a surprisingly large number of long-hood owners looking to move away from their original Fuchs wheels simply for the fact the early designs did not feature a modern tire bead.

    Fuchs Inspired Forged Wheel

    Folks were also excited to hear about the idea of a 17" D90. More on that to come but AWC is currently working on a very cool project for an ultra-special 964 that will feature the world's first forged 17" D90 wheels (designed and built by AWC)

    We look forward to working on a number of very unique projects in the coming months as a result of attending this little event.

    Thanks PCA UCR...see you next year.