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    Augment Wheel Company is very different when it comes to the design and manufacture of extremely high quality, forged wheels. How's that you say?

    Each and every set of AWC Forged wheels is the bi-product of your design input and our wheel building expertise. What this enables us to do together is design and build a wheel set that is exclusively yours and specific to you car. Whether that is a classic Porsche, vintage European, Domestic protouring or restomod, track-day or race car, modern and stanced import or maybe you just want to recreate a classic, vintage, JDM or OEM wheel that is not sized correctly for your application or long since discontinued....we can help.

    Does this mean you need to be a designer? No.

    We have worked with some clients that have simply verbally articulated the look they want and have given us the authority to design. Some others have shared sketches on a napkin...and we've made it work. Most have looked at other wheels online and have identified the design elements they really like while some more advanced clients have gone as far as designing their own wheels in modeling or drawing software. Regardless of where you lie on this spectrum, we have the experience to understand your vision and make it reality. 

    Wow, that sounds expensive! No

    We've worked very hard to develop a process that unlocks custom wheel design and manufacturing so that we are able to do 1-off wheel builds at "mass production" wheel prices.

    Below is our forged wheel build pricing list:

     Rim Diameter Price Per Wheel (CDN)
    15" (Modular design only) $799
    16" (Modular design only) $899
    17" (Modular or Monoblock available) $999
    18" (Modular or Monoblock available) $1099
    19" (Modular or Monoblock available) $1199
    20" (Modular or Monoblock available) $1299
    21" (Modular or Monoblock available) $1399
    22" (Modular or Monoblock available) $1499

    ** Pricing outlined above is for standard finishes. Premium finished and custom machining can be discussed and quoted accordingly.

     What do you do now?

    Simply contact us with your wheel build idea.

    We'll talk design, sizes, offsets, colours, finishes, personalization and other requirements 
    (like big brake clearances). Once we have nailed down your spec, you'll pay a build deposit and we will begin to design and share with you accurate 3D renders of your wheels. From there we manufacture.

    Final Payment

    Final payment will be due when the wheels have been manufactured and are ready for delivery. A final invoice will be sent and must be paid prior to shipment.


    Should you have any questions about our process, please never hesitate to contact us at He have attempted to make this process as straight forward as possible but sometimes you may just need some additional info.

    AWC understands that getting custom wheels designed and manufactured is a fun and exciting process and our goal is to get you your completed set as quickly as humanly possible, but please anticipate that our process can take up-to 8 weeks based on current production volume and the complexity of your custom wheels.