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    Made popular on the Porsche 964 and 944 the Design 90 wheel, or D90, is one that splits the crowd right down the middle...because you either love it or you hate it. 

    If you are still reading, one can assume you are in the "love it" camp.

    With modern fitment and tire selection shaping the wheels we chose, the original 16" D90 is quickly taking a back seat to better fitting aftermarket wheel options.

    However, what if you are one of those that need an aftermarket wheel that has modern fitment, but still looks the part of an OE wheel. We present, the 17" D90...scaled perfectly to trick even the most pure of Porsche purist.

    17" D90 Render Front 17" D90 render Side 17" D90 Render Yop


    964 on AWC 17" D90AMMO NYC 964 on 17" AWC D90AMMO NYC 964 AWC D90

    Have a questions about our 17" D90 wheels, or any wheel design, Contact Us Now!!

     * As with every set we do, your set will be tailored to your desired specifications and/or fitment requirements