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    Made popular on the Porsche 964 and 944 the Design 90 wheel, or D90, is one that splits the crowd right down the middle...because you either love it or you hate it. 

    If you are still reading, one can assume you are in the "love it" camp.

    Based on the success of our 17" D90, we had a number of eager 964 owners asking about an augmented 18" version. We listened.

    The 18" D90 starts to move away from it's roots and is now a very augmented version of the original. Big convex radius, massive rear lips and huge brake clearance.  Our 18" D90 is spec'd to clear Brembo GT 355mm upgrades and designed to pay respects to the original...but honestly and proudly stands alone as a new wheel.

    * As with every set we do, your set will be tailored to your desired specifications and/or fitment requirements

    Contact Us Now to discuss the build of your set of 18" D90 wheels, or any other wheel design you might like.