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    The D90 evolution continues with the D90+. Based on our 18" version of our D90 wheel, the "+" features a radical face re-profiling that now incorporates both a convex and concave radius. The end result is a wheel that, to the untrained eye, may appear to be a D90, but to the true Porsche fanatics will be seen as a very cool new interpretation.

    Similarly to our D90-18, the D90+ is designed to maximize brake caliper clearance for BBK. Also, due to the nature of this design, we can cut the raw forging in a different manner in order to achieve deeper, more aggressive offsets for more "show" inspired fitments.

    Polished D90+

    Black D90+

    Polished D90+

    D90+ Script

    * As with every set we do, your set will be tailored to your desired specifications and/or fitment requirements