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    Customer Profiles — Bespoke Wheels

    Don't get it Twisted...they're 19s

    Don't get it Twisted...they're 19s

    Based on the OEM 996 versions, arguably the better looking twists, we have another "augmentation" in the books with the first set of AWC 19" Turbo Twists.

    These are a fairly decent recreation but with our standard flare, taking the recognizable elements from the stock wheel and maximizing them in order to create a new wheel with a different attitude.

    A good example of that should be the rear wheel and its face concavity.

    Of note too is that our Twists are also directional, meaning the driver side are cut in a different direction than that of the passenger. Only true enthusiasts would ever notice...but when they do!!


    AMMO NYC = 17" Forged D90

    AMMO NYC = 17
    You know him from his ridiculously successful detailing company and his more popular Youtube Channel, Larry Kosilla is a man that has an incredible eye for detail. We were proud then when he chose AWC to design and build for him his dream set of wheel for this Porsche 964 restoration. The task was simple...the execution very difficult...but we managed to design and build the worlds first forged 17" D90

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